Romanian liner rating 2012-2011

Romanian domestic liner rating (without transshipment), based on only full containers. Some differences are between the liner places in Black Sea and Romanian domestic ratings. Like CSCL at 8th place in BS and at 4th place in Ro. Zim being on 5th place in Ro takes 3rd place in BS. At the same time WHL and PIL positions in Ro are stronger than in BS in general, similar situation with NYK and COSCO. ARKAS and CSAV have better positions in general at BS than in Ro. Evergreen and OOCL also have better positions in BS in general than in Ro. Largest increase in share had MSC 2,15% and HL 1,59%. At the same time largest drop in share had CSAV -4,59% and Maersk – 3,96%.