Ukrainian containerized export of pea, wheat and corn has grown by 10,10% in 2017 against 2016

In 2017 against 2016 containerized export of pea from Ukraine has grown by 16,48% (from 10k to 11,5k units). At the same time containerized export volume of wheat has decreased by 11,66% (from 13,6k to 12k units), but this decrease was covered by significant growth of export volume of corn in containers – by 373,75% (from 640 to 3k units).
It is expected that in 2018 export volume of pea in containers will reach about 12k units, while wheat will continue to deacrease to 10,8k containers per annum. As for export volume of corn in containers we forecast that its volume will continue its growth to 4k units in 2018.
Detailed study is available upon request.