Black Sea container market review H1 2019

Black Sea container terminals of Ukraine, Romania, Russia, and Bulgaria handled 1 582 932 TEU in H1 2019, including empty containers, excluding transshipment.
This review observes only full containers of the region – 1 176 621 TEU. Total growth achieved by these five countries in H1 2019 was 8,52%, compared to the same period last year.
The laden turnover increase was in all countries of the Black Sea region, except Russia. In H1 2019 the highest growth was achieved by Georgia and Ukraine – 30,62% and 17,89% respectively.
During this period, 57,54% of full containers handled were imported, while 42,46% of the volume was exported. It is estimated that laden container share was 74,33% and empty container share was 25,67%.
Export volumes from the aforementioned countries increased by 6,13% compared to H1 2018. The highest export volume growth was shown by Ukraine – 17,66%. There was a growth of laden export volume in all countries of the region except Romania (-4,93%). In Georgia, Bulgaria and Russia it is stated 14,27%, 4,14% and 3,00% respectively. Imports to the region increased by 10,36%, mainly because of Georgian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian import volume growth of 33,10%, 18,12% and 14,82% respectively. There was an increase of laden import volume in Romania – 7,97%, while in Russia laden import volume decreased by 8,77%.
Thus the percentage of laden volume handled by each country in H1 2019 distributed as follows: Ukraine – 32,21%, Russia (Black Sea) – 24,58%, Romania – 20,95%, Georgia – 13,68% and Bulgaria – 8,58%.
The top-five container terminals of the region in H1 2019 had a few changes in their positions by total volume handled: DPW (Constanta, Romania) still was on the first place, APMT Poti (Georgia) moved to the second place, while NUTEP (Novorossiysk) shifted down to third. CTO (Odessa, Ukraine) remained fourth, while BKP (Odessa, Ukraine) moved to the fifth place for a first time in recent years, while NLE (Novorossiysk, Russia) moved to the sixth place. All TOP-5 terminals of the Black Sea region except DPW (Constanta) and BKP (Odessa) have achieved volume growth.
As for the leading carriers of the region, MAERSK still was a leader, while COSCOCS overcame ARKAS and became third largest carrier of the region. For the first time in recent years, ZIM became TOP-5 carrier at the Black Sea. TOP-5 carriers of the region were: MAERSK, MSC, COSCOCS, ARKAS and ZIM. In total, these carriers controlled 71,40% of this market.
In H1 2018 the total market share of Maersk and MSC was 43,18%, but in H1 2019 it has increased by 1,95 p.p. to 45,13%. At the same time, the total share of CMA CGM and COSCOCS was 19,28% in H1 2018, while in H1 2019 it has decreased by 1,50 p.p. and stated 17,78%. It is also worth to note that in H1 2019 against H1 2018 CMA CGM has decreased its share by 1,33 p.p., while COSCOCS has decreased by 0,17 p.p. and it has allowed COSCOCS to become the third largest carrier in the Black Sea region. ZIM has decreased its share by 0,80 p.p., from 9,06% in H1 2018 to 8,26% in H1 2019, it has allowed ZIM to become TOP-5 carrier of the region. The united Japanese carrier ONE became 10th biggest carrier of the region in H1 2019, its share stated 1,98%. The highest market share growth in H1 2019 against H1 2018 was achieved by Hapag Lloyd – 2,46 p.p. (7,87% share).