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We do believe “No ties!” approach to business conduct, provides high self-discipline and self-organisational standards. Informall people follow these standards, being driven by budget, schedule, targets and commitments to Informall customers.


Informall Project Teams are:


  • happy (we like how and what do we do);
  • young (average Project managers’ age is 33 years old);
  • talented and educated (almost everybody has two and more MSc university degrees, some have PhD degree);
  • experienced (on average, Project Manager has 10 years experience in relative industry and at least 1 Project completed);
  • multi-lingual (while English is a working language, people in Informall speak Fench, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Turkish and Bulgarian languages);
  • innovative (Informall people undergo well-deliberated professional upgrades through the trainings and courses);
  • well-motivated with life and professional growth (Informall Managers have opportunity to become Partners and Managers for some Informall Projects, or in companies, affiliated to Informall), and finally;
  • listening and learning people;