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Feasibility Study

Quite often, Informall offers to conduct a Feasibility Study to our Customers who come for business plan order.


We find its advisable to place Feasibility Study between Business Idea and Business Planning into chain of working on Project. A feasibility study is not the same as a business plan. The value of feasibility study is in delivery to Customer of information and evaluations, required to determine idea or business viability.In contrast to business planning, which aims to elaborate viable business development strategy, feasibility study aims to determine, whether business environment and available resources are sufficient and match projected business venture requirements.

Supported by knowledge and experience from previous Projects, Informall remains in strong position to conduct quality feasibility study, in order to determine key factors and prerequisites, needed to embark on a successful business venture. Industry development research, demand and competition evaluation, cash reserves and labor force availability, public opinion, construction and utility limitations are among those factors, which important to evaluate before coming up to investment into business planning.
We are confident that feasibility study, done in a proper way, returns to Informall Customers with cost saving and valuable advice for their decisions on business opportunity.
Informall offers Feasibility Study as a valuable tool for our Customer decisions, whether to drop particular business idea, or to turn it into business venture.