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Merger & Acquisition

As an investor, Informall expands also its business portfolio through mergers and acquisitions. The question for every deal is  – how to increase value of purchased asset and how make existing business more valuable. We believe, elaboration of viable strategy is e key to success in every merger or acquisition deal.


We develop M&A strategies through successful international investment experience in Black Sea and Mediterranean countries for the transport, education and trade areas.


With our help, clients build M&A program aimed for growth of company value through synergy, economy on scale, efficiency increase and enhanced market share.


Buyers need to know what they are buying and sellers have a reason to sell. Due diligence of company business, strategy and operations supports decision making and M&A process itself, giving understanding how value shall be created through an acquisition. Informall helps clients to make better investment decisions.


We assist our clients in the joint venture process: partner selection, strategy development, operating procedures implementation.


We believe that venture success much depends on initial strategy development, and these deals should be correctly structured from the beginning.


Through Feasibility study Informall supports investment decisions of entering the venture, having a clear idea of future value and return and giving the advantage of the venture start up with transparent and efficient business and company structure.